The Importance of Organizing Jewelry

Organizing jewelry is an answer to a problem not many realize exist. For many people, there will come a time in their life when that person can not find their watch, ring, necklace, or earrings because they are not organized. Not only does finding jewelry waste time, not placing your jewelry in an organized fashion causes scratches and damages to your expensive jewels. The answer to organizing your jewelry is simple and that is having some type of  jewelry organizing tool such as a jewelry tray, armoire, or the classic treasure chest!

Now you know that jewelry boxes come in all shapes and sizes figure which one suits your needs. Some people prefer homemade boxes to hidden types which are commonly disguised as a mirror to ward of any thieves from stealing your precious treasure! Organizing of jewelry not only keeps your surroundings looking neat, organizing your jewelry prolongs their life of by keeping clean and clear of other jewelry!

Having jewelry gather dust is a common first world problem among many. It’s not that people are unorganized or lazy. Most of them just don’t have the means to put them in a safe place. For example, a person with many watches will probably leave his/her watches on top of a counter top. He/she wouldn’t do this if they had a watch case. If they had a durable 50 dollar Casio watch, maybe where you place them wouldn’t matter much but if you have an $8000 Rolex lying out in the open, you run the chances of your watch getting lost, stolen, or needing more routine maintenance than is needed.  Remember that with time, jewelry left out in the open to the elements (light, humidity, dust, and etc.) are prone to stains, scratches, and other types of damage that devalue and disfigure your jewelry.